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Saturday Soccer Update!

           I can't wait till April 25th! Guess what April 25 is Saturday soccer we will play 5 times!! And we will play matches with other schools! It will be awesome!! Last year we dominated the game it is a really big advantage for us this year! Well I wish it will happen this year too! Mr. K will be the coach.

  Well here comes Saturday. The first team we’re gonna play with is the “Pheinex” so we had fun well I’m not teasing but we played a 8-0.

  Well the second we played with the Dolphins it was 1-0 we won! Woo hoo!    

  So here comes the other Saturday! As usual we played 2 games.  

  Well the first match we played the Pheinex it was a total crush 9-0 well you might think I'm crazy but it is true!

  Well –sigh- it was sad sad sad. We loose with the dolphins! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Well it’s okay it’s 1- nothing! Our point is the same, because last and this it’s 1-1 no problem! We will beat them! Lets go QISS!

  Well hohoho we didn’t play ISQ plus those two teams are not really so the first is YCIS and we won 7-0 and the second is Pheinex and it was 5-0 woohoo way to go QISS!

  Well sigh we played YCIS and the Score is 5-3 we won! But we lost the no manners ISQ BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO its 1-0! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooo! That’s so ad that means we are the second nooooooooooooooooooooooo so the no manners ISQ is the first! Bad bad bad bad bad!

      We promised we will beat ISQ next Saturday.

      Well the season is going on so I can't report on the final result. 

       Let's go QISS!

Talent Show2015, by Sunny Zhang

  Every year we have a show called the “Talent Show”. In the show, we can dance, sing, do magic,and more! Previously, I sang a song with Adele. It was pretty fun, but it wasalso very nerve wracking. This year, I’m singing “Edelweiss” with Angela andMeesha. If you want to sign up, be careful because this year we have toaudition and if the teacher doesn’t like it, YOU ARE OUT!!!

  Bythe way, I’m telling you a secret (for me it is a secret). Last year, the MCs told me they only took 5 minutes to plan the WHOLEshow! Can you believe it? Do you think you could plan a whole show in 5minutes? If you believe in yourself maybe you could plan a whole show in 5minutes! 

  Here’s the most important thing about the “Talent Show”: it is onApril17th. If you are in the show, you better know this! 

The Skype Author

            On Thursday March 12, 2015 we spoke with an author via Skype. His name is Paul Czajak. He just wrote for kids. He read a book called Monster Needs a Sleep .That book was about the monster being scared of the darkness. We read another book called SeavertheWeaver. The book was about the spiders are making many shapes of   spiders webs. These are the author via Skype.  



Healthy Sharks Snack Bar      by Yuri Sung

       On March 6th , Lower School held the first Healthy Sharks Snack Bar. The Student Council and I ran the Healthy Sharks Snack Bar! The Healthy Sharks Snack Bar is a healthy snacks program who's food is sold by Student Council. We sell healthy snacks in the Healthy Sharks Snack Bar, and they are all donations from the students’ parents and guardians. We were so busy that I didn’t even notice who was buying what. I think we Student Council spent the whole morning recess inside because of the Healthy Sharks Snack Bar. First, there weren’t much people buying the healthy snacks from the Healthy Sharks Snack Bar. Then, as more people came out from their classrooms, out for recess, many and many more people crowded around the Healthy Sharks Snack Bar. It was so crowded that I could barely get through. As more people bought, the Student Council team’s hands began to move faster. The faster became the Student Councils’ hands, the more the people came!

       Finally, the students were all out for recess, and I bought healthy snacks too. I bought two cups of banana chips. I loved the Healthy Sharks Snack Bar!

Festival of Words   by Yuri Sung

     Festival of Words had just passed! On Monday, we gathered in the theater in the Upper School. We talked about what activities we’ll do that week of the words. We also talked about challenge for the Upper School which is the Sound Challenge with A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z. I think I will never be able to do that rap. We, Lower School, did an activity that is called “Password”, and each grade had one or two students and a teacher come up to the stage to do the activity. This game has rules below.

1.   One person should not be able to see the word, which is the “Password”.

2.   One or two student will try to let the guesser say the word by giving clues that is only one word.

3.   If the guesser says the word correctly, they move on to the next “Password”, and try to get 4 passwords correctly the fastest.


There was a tie, between Grade 5 and Grade 11. They are going to have one more game on Friday, and find out who is the champion.
        On Tuesday, all grades in Lower School played games, by rotating. Pre-K and K, Grade 1 and Grade 2 rotated games by themselves, and Grade 3, Grade 4 and Grade 5 rotated games by us. We also did the Word Wall.

        On Wednesday, in the morning, Lower School had semi finals for the Spelling Bee. I was so afraid that my body, teeth, and legs shook very seriously. My mum told me to breathe deeply and let it out to the end. But 2 seconds later, I shook again, and same thing happened every time I took a deeeeeeeep breath. I still went to the finals, and I went with 2 Fifth Graders called Harry and Chris.

        On Thursday, in the morning again, I HAD THE SPELLING BEE!!!!!! Hah, hah, hah, hah…… That is me breathing. I was so NERVOUS!!! And because of that, I lost the first. I was in the third place. But……… that is fine. I still tried my best......... I don’t want to talk about it now.

       On Friday, we did a competition for Grade 5 and Grade 11, and Grade 5 won. We also talked about what we did during the week, and ended the week.

Entepreneur's Day   by Yuri Sung

    On January 24th, our school had Entrepreneur's Day. Grade 3 did a Game Zone, and John, Leeann, Rose, and I did the Candy Cup Game, which is a game when you have /to choose the cup that is holding the candy. If you choose the right cup, you get the candy, and it was only for 3 RMB! I think that was too cheap. The Game Zone had 4 games, Candy Cup Game, Ball Darts, Magnetic Darts, and Balloon Popping. I did selling for 1 hour, and then went to buy things. I bought 2 cups of "Frog Eggs", but not real frog eggs, but just something round and soft like a frog egg, and absorb water to get bigger. After that, I went back to the classroom to count money, and Grade 3 earned 584 RMB, but Grade 4 won 1,472 RMB.

About Entrepreneur's Day   by Yuri Sung

    Entrepreneur’s Day is coming up! It is on Saturday, January 24th. Entrepreneur’s day is all about sharing a homemade thing. You can also let the customers to an activity and get money. On Entrepreneur's Day, we also get Director's and Principal's awards. You also get specialists' awards. I really hope that I get a lot of awards! Alex's mom told Alex to don't come in the house if he doesn't get the Director's award this Quarter. I got all A and no A- for Quarter 1 and Quarter 2. I was so happy when I realized every teacher said good things about me on the grade paper. I am so happy that my sister also got all A. Yurim and my grade papers are so clean! I will go back to talking about Entrepreneur's Day,not my grades. On Entrepreneur's Day, Grade 3 will do a little game station where you can play darts, balloon popping, etc. I can't wait to play all the games and buy things!!!

The Newsletter Team  By: Leeann Kim

        The Newsletter Team has a job for each person. The people on the team are: John, Alex, Mall, Yuri, Angela, Roy, and me,Leeann. Each person has a job. Alex writes fiction stories. Yuri writes about events. Roy writes about amazing apps for kids. Mall writes about non- fictionstories, so does John. I (Leeann) am writing about things going on in grade three and amazing things I like.On Monday,everyone works in the computer lab. We use to print the newsletter but now  we  have it online. It's good that we did it on the because somebody will find this website and will be curious about this work.

China Day by Angela Lu

  China Day is coming up soon.  The grade fours are preparing a performance in Chinese class.  The performance is called "tiao pi jin ".  In the performance, there are four singers, and the rest of the classmates are playing games.  All of the games are games that have been played before in China.  Some are even played now.  Some of the games are "What's the time, Mr.Wolf?, and "Wooden People",when you pretend to be a wooden person.  Other games are "Hide and Seek", which hopefully we all know how to play, and "tiao pi jin", when there is an elastic band and you hop around.

    Besides a class performance, some of the grade fours also have 

About our Key Assignment     by Yuri Sung

        On our Key Assignment day, we will be going to talk about our invention. All of the students made their own invention, but we just could choose one invention from each group. Each group chose one invention that they like the most, myinvention group’s number is 4, which means I am in Group 4, and my group chose mine! I was very happy about it.

        Our inventionis amazing. My invention, I mean OUR group’s, is called an Eraser Holder. The problem was that our erasers get lost every time it falls, so what I thought of was an Eraser Holder. You will need your materials, but it is just three! I amnot sure if you call this a lot: a pencil, an eraser, and a string. I will tell you how to make it. First, we gathered our materials; I am sure that I toldthem to you. Next, we tied each end of the string with an eraser and a pencil. Last,we used it, and the conclusion was a very good news! (I am sure thatyou know what that means^^) Now, we are working on our poster about our invention. Please fund us with fake money if you think my invention is amazingon Key Assignment day~!

        Also, for our Key Assignment, we are making a poster and a prototype of our invention. Forthe poster, we need to include how we made our invention, how it helps us, our design of our invention, and the problem before the invention. Tonight, I am going to make a Warning House that says not to play with the invention for our poster. It will be FUN! Yay!

Winter Celebration Practice    by Yuri Sung

        This year before Christmas, Grade 3 practiced very hard before our performance. We were playing ukulele, and we even got a test with the cords! We worked very hard, and I am sure the others are working hard, too! I don’t really know about them because I did not see them before. But I am sure that theirs are amazing, too! I want to see them performing very well on the Winter Concert. If they don’t, the audience will be not impressed. And we never want THAT to happen, don’t we?

        Even with the Key Assignment practice, Grade 3 had worked a lot to do it. I think we will be exhausted when we have one more day like this!

        I think our Key Assignment AND our Winter Concert will be awesome and fabulous. I think everyone in every grade will too do an awesome job!!!

Grade 4 Key Assignment    by Roy the Cheese

Our 2nd  key assignment is about inventions that began in China and how these inventions and the silk road changed the world. The silk road is a road that was used during the Han dynasty in China. It went through Xi`An, China all the way to Rome, Italy. People would trade items while journeying along the silk road. Tony,

Elia and I will make an imaginary journey along the silk road during our key assignment and imagine our parents are tea growers. We will take a lot of tea to trade along the silk road.

We will stop in Lanzhou to trade with the silk traders (played by Adele, Angela) and they will tell us the legend that they made for silk. We will keep going and when we arrive in Erbo, where we will trade with the paper traders, played by (Mall, Lucas, and Jacky) and they will tell us historical facts about the paper. We will keep going and sleep in an inn for one day and then continue our journey.  If we were really traveling along the silk road, we would have traveled 1,257 miles.

In Dunhuang, we will meet 3 art merchants (Sunny, Meesha, and Monica) who sell beautiful woodblock prints. We will trade for them then return home.

 We will wear costumes that we ordered last Thursday and have already arrived. Only for Tony, Elia and I will wear them.  The design is excellent and we hope you come see our beautiful costumes and the beautiful silk road we made. Our Key assignment will be on Saturday at 10:30, and it will be in the  lower school art room. We hope you can come!

International Day Celebration

by Yuri Sung
Korean students model the hanbok, traditional Korean clothes.

On November 15 th , we had our International Day Celebration. First, when we got into the gym, we got our passports to travel to all of the booth and get stamps. After that, we had our free time to go to the booths. During our free time, there were some performances that we could see, or we could keep traveling. There were a lot of country booths: Australia, Korea, France, China, Egypt, India, Germany, Canada, Ecuador, Ghana, Finland, America, Italy, the Caribbean, New Zealand, and many more. I got a lot of stamps that I filled the whole passport with! We also saw Thriller performed by Mr.Page, Mrs.Page, and the Upper School students. It was sad that the LS couldn’t do their performances but it was still amazing! Next, we went out to the field to play soccer. I had a lot of fun that day, and International Day is important because it tells about many different countries from all around the world !

Halloween Celebration

by Yuri Sung

Kindergarten gets excited about trick or treating!

On October 31st, we had our Halloween celebration. We decorated pumpkins in the cafeteria. I decorated mine with a marker and crayons. There weren’t many markers that were working, so I had a hard time finding a marker that works! I got tired of looking, so I just finished up with a not-working-marker. After pumpkin decorating, we went to the theater to see our musical performance. Pre-K and the Kindergarteners did a performance of a pumpkin patch. They turned themselves into jack-o’-lanterns. I was so impressed with their first Halloween performance! Grade 1 did a performance with a song called The Gummy Bear Song. They were so cute when they made small movements with their little arms and legs. Grade 2 did a performance with a song in the movie called The Halloween Night. Grade3 sang a song called I Eat Kids Yum Yum. It was a song about a monster eating a kid, but instead, the kid eats the monster. Alex and I played the piano for the song. Grade 4 played the recorder for a song called Ghost of John. They were so good at playing recorder! Grade 5 did a performance with the cups. They made the song by themselves! They already showed the lower school in the cafeteria, but they hadn't showed their parents! The song was called Cup Song. It was amazing. I think everyone did a fantastic job. After that, we went to the gym and played games. Lastly, we went trick-or-treating. My trick-or-treating bag was full of candies, chocolates, and other small treats. I had so much fun on Halloween!


We Love ESLR's!

Our school ESLR's are SENSITIVITY, COMPASSION, INTELLIGENCE, COURAGE and VITALITY!  We all try to use these 5 important qualities everyday.  Sometimes we get "caught" doing an ESLR and get ESLR tickets towards a train car party!


Meet the Press

Our amazing stories are brought to you by the LS Newsroom.  We are:  Mall Wang,  Roy Choi, Leeann Kim, Yuri Sung, John Hwang, Alex Chun, Angela Lu.

Interview with Mr.Page, Lower School Principal

Whereare you from in the United States?


Whatis it like to live in that city?

The four seasons:Winter is cold, we get lots of snow. The city is a lot of fun because of therivers, and sports team. Pittsburgh has a lot of character and history becauseof the different types of people. People are very proud.

Whatgrades have you taught?

3rd, 4th, and 6th Grades        

Whatwas your favorite?

I can’t pick afavorite, but my favorite thing about teaching each grade is learning about mystudents.

Whydid you come to China?

Incredibleopportunity for my career, learn about the culture, enjoy new things, heard howbeautiful Qingdao was.

Didyou bring all of your family here?

No, my two dogs are at home. Rusty and Sydney will be coming soon.

Haveyou been a principal before?

This is my first principal’s job, but I feel like I’ve been doing thismy whole career in education.

Doyou like being at QISS?

I couldn’t have imagined a better place to call home at this moment intime.

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Ms. Muller

By Angela Lu

 What is music?

“Music is a universal language.” Music is a way foreveryone to communicate and express how they feel. It does not matter where youcome from or what language you speak, everyone can listen to your music and understand.

 How long have you been a music teacher?

This is my third year teaching. Before coming to China Itaught for two years in South Korea at Chadwick International.

What does it feel like to be a music teacher?

“It is beautiful when a career and a passion cometogether.” Teaching music to young people gives me the opportunity to sharesomething I love with future generations.

 What instruments do you play?

Depends how well…In University, to be a music teacher wewere taught how to play many different instruments. I can play the flute,trumpet, and piano the best. I would love to learn to play some Chineseinstruments as well as the harp!

 Do you enjoy singing?

I enjoy singing very much! I love singing music fromDisney music, or sing along to some of my favorite songs on the radio whiledriving. I also love teaching students how to sing and singing with them.

 What do you have to do to become a music teacher?

I went to University for 4 and ½ years in America. I wastaught by other teachers, how to teach, how to play different instruments, howto sing, and I was given time to practice being in different classrooms.

 Is it different teaching music to International students?

At QISS, I always need to remember that my students arelearning English while learning music. Instead of some parts of the world whereI can just say, “Play louder,” here it would be better for me to show what I amasking the students to do. Is it different to other parts of the world? No, weare all here to learn, make music, and we all progress at different levels.

 Do you have music in your dreams?

I don’t know if I dream about music, but many times asong that I am teaching to one of my classes will be stuck in my head all day.Then I will still be thinking about it when I wake up!

 What do you wish to bring to humankind with your music?

I wish to bring joy and laughter. I hope to give mystudents a way to express themselves.




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                                  ByAngela Lu

     OnOctober 31, the QISS Lower School celebrated Halloween.  The first activity was pumpkindecorating.  Many kids came up with crazyways to decorate their pumpkins.  The secondactivity was a fashion show in the theater. We showed off our costumes. 

     Next,there were musical performances.  Pre-Kand Kindergarten presented a game called Pumpkin Patch.  The Grade Ones did a dance called GummyBear.  The Grade Twos did a spooky Halloweendance.  The Grade Threes sang a songcalled I Eat Kids Yum Yum.  The Grade Fours played a song on recorderscalled THE GHOST of JOHN.  The Grade Fivesperformed the cup song. 

     Afterthe musical performances we played games in the gym.  Each grade organized a game for everyone toplay.  There were balloon mashing games,candy tossing games, bean bag tossing games, touching games, bowling games, and origami games.  First, everyone went to the game that theirclass organized.  Some games had candyfor a reward.  Others did not have anyrewards at all. 

      Finally, our last activity was trick ortreat.  Mrs. Muller gave us a choicebetween a pen and some candy.  We alsogot candy and pencils from other teachers and classes.  It was the perfect QISS lower schoolHalloween!